"By gently introducing new elements to the sound design, Michael gave this movie and its characters a new face and a richer voice. It was the best sound mix I've ever had." 

-Aksel Stasny, Director of 3 Needs (2011)

Sound: Editor and Re-recording Mixer Various Projects            

    Company: Lonelyleap

Sound: Editor Various Projects                            

    Company: DuArt Film and Video

Sound: Editor PBS Nature: An Original Duckumentary              

    Supervising Sound Editor: Carmen Borgia

Sound Designer "Old Monster" Short                         

    Director: Kevin Clark-Ryan

Sound Editor "The Solar System"Short                       

    Director: Flavia Casá

Sound Designer "Chaos Theory"                 

    Producer: Lauren Brady

Sound Designer "Pennsylvania"                         

    Director: Kelly Gallagher

Sound Designer "Gettin' By"                           

    Director: Dan Simon

Sound: Re-recording Mixer "Pokémon: Victini and Reshiram"         

Sound: Re-recording Mixer "Pokémon: Victini and Zekrom"            

Sound: Re-recording Mixer "Pokémon" TV Show                   

    Producer: Tim Werenko

Sound: Editor "Street Choice" Feature                        

    Director: George Cox 

Sound: Editor "Merhaba" Short                            

    Director: Lauren Brady 

Sound: Dialogue Editor "Being Patient" Short                   

    Director: Elizabeth Kerin 

Sound: Editor "What Lurks Beyond" 16mm Short               

    Director: Dave Kelly 

Sound: Boom Operator "Patient 001" 35mm Feature              

    Producer: Jason Dietz, Director: Katie Fleischer 

Sound: Mixer, Boom "Try a Little Harder" HD Short                 

    Producer: Rammy Lee Park, Director: Antonia Grilikhes 

Sound: Editor, Re-recording Mixer "Pow Pow Pow" HD Short             

    Producer: Lyn Elliot, Director: Dianne Bellino 

Sound: Re-recording Mixer "For Aaron" Feature Documentary           

    Director: Justin Jerret

Sound: Post Intern "It's Kind of a Funny Story" Focus Features Feature      

    Supervising Sound Editor: Paul Hsu

Sound: Post Intern "Salt" Columbia Pictures Feature               

    Supervising Sound Editor: Paul Hsu

Sound: V/O Recordist "The Savoy King" Feature Documentary          

    Talent: Bill Cosby

Sound: Designer, Editor "Under" Underwater Short              

    Director: Greg Harriott

Sound: Editor "Follow Me" RED Graduate Short            

    Director: Kate Nexon

Sound: Editor "What Comes Around" Independent Short              

    Director: Jason Levy

Sound: Editor "My Brother's Keeper" Pilot               

    Supervising Sound Editor: John D'Aquino 

Sound: Boom Operator "Pariah" 35mm Feature                  

    Producer: Nekisa Cooper, Director: Dee Rees

Sound: Boom Operator "Secretstone" HD Feature              

    Producer: Giulia Prenna, Director: Sean Stone

Sound: Mixer, Boom "Running Dog" HD TV Pilot                   

    Co-producers/directors: Dale Johnson, Jamie Rosenburg

Sound: Mixer, Boom "Peace of Mind" 16mm Short              

    Director/Producer: Kashif Latif

Sound: Mixer, Boom "Little Accidents" 35mm Short            

    Director: Sara Colangelo

Sound: Mixer "Come Home" RED Camera Short                

    Director: Jonathan Clarke

Sound: Mixer, Boom "Little Horses" S16mm Short               

    Producer: Meredith Kaulfers, Director: Levi Abrino

Sound: Mixer, Boom "Pow Pow Pow" DVCPRO HD Short            

    Producer: Lyn Elliot, Director: Dianne Bellino

Sound: Mixer, Designer, Editor "Haram" DVCPRO HD Short         

    Producer: David Laudenslager, Director: Joseph Mayo                                   

Sound: Boom Operator "Keystone Heartache" DVCPRO HD Short      

    Director: Nick Camacho

Sound: Editor "Finding Ifftin" S16mm Short             

    Director/Producer: Andrea Posey                                               

Sound: Mixer, Designer, Editor “St. John” DV Short        

    Director/Producer: Kristofer Gould                              

Music Composer/Director “Rock, Paper, Scissors" DV Animated Short      


B.A. Film and Video, Penn State University 2009